Effort by Rumi

Go on scratching and scraping and cutting
the stone wall that bars your way.

Rest not for a moment
Till your last moment arrives.

Before that surely the time will come
When the Lord’s grace shall give you Light.

The Lord’s eyes are fixed on the peephole
And he sees every one who works and strives.

Whosoever works whether man or woman
Is sure to get the prize from Him.

A worthless effort is better than sleeping
For the Lord loves our effort, anxiety and struggle.

Oh wise man, labor as hard as you can
as all the Prophets and Godmen have done

Work for a few days,
Then laugh he rest of your life.

Why put on this bandage?
Your head is alright.

First, put in full effort then resign to His will
Have faith in Him and trust his work.

Believing in inaction is sleeping among robbers
A bird found napping is sure to be killed.

Resigning is sleeping; sleep not on your way
March on and on till you reach the gate of His abode.

When the Lord has put a ladder before us,
Step by step we should climb to the top

When we have legs why should we behave like cripples?
To be resigned is foolish and stupid.

When Master has put a spade in our hands
He has clearly expressed his wishes.

Making an effort is offering thanks to the Lord.
Resigning is being ungrateful.

Gratefulness causes his grace to increase
Ungratefuness causes us to lose what we have.


5 thoughts on “Effort by Rumi

  1. Hey! This one is such great advice for me now. Rumi has been a favorite of mine for over 30 years.

    Just a couple of typos to report. First, the poem: “Go on scratching and scraping and cutting the stone wall that bars you way.” (“you” -> your). Second, this page (just above the field I’m typing in now): “Name (required); E-mail (required); URI” (URI -> URL)

    Thanks again, and keep it up!

  2. Same here, Rumi has been a favorite of mine since childhood.

    Thanks for the corrections, I fixed the “you” -> “your”.
    But the “URI” is correct, it’s not supposed to be “URL”.
    “URI” stands for a Uniform Resource Identifier. A URI can be a URL, but it can also be a Uniform Resource Name (URN). More info on wiki http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/URI

    Thanks Bill for visiting. I hope you find more poetry you connect with. Any comments/suggestions are always welcome 🙂

  3. Can anyone tell me the source of this poem? I have been looking for this very one because it is in an article that someone has written and we can’t publish it without a source? Thanks.

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