An announcement for Mr & Mrs Limaye by Manya Joshi


Mrs Limaye aap jahaan
Kahin bhi ho foran
Mulund station par chale aaiye
Wahan aapke pati
Aapka intezaar kar rahe hain


Maalik  who is sabka ek
Bang everyone
O Shirdi king Sai Baba bang bang


People lose their way
People lose each other
People make civil statements
On a superbuiltup world


In a public local train
There is an unimagined itchiness
On your private emotions
You mentally advertise it to yourself


Mr & Mrs Limaye
Hiding behind popular philosophies
Wait for
Each other
Facing each other

Note: English Translation by Sachin Ketkar.

Translator’s Note: ‘aap jahaan . . . apka intezaar kar rahe hain’ (Hindi): This is a common public announcement in railway stations: Wherever you are, please come immediately; your husband is waiting for your at Mulund station.
Malik … sabka ek
: The Lord is One (a common utterance of Shirdi Sai Baba, the famous early 20th century saint)

The original poem in Marathi.

Part 2 in Marathi


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