A Child’s Guide to Power by Burl Whitman

Remember the bully
who knocked you down,

took your lunch and howled
and bayed like a hound?

Other kids didn’t know how to react–
most just wanted their own lunch intact.

Now imagine the bully
with a magic wand

and more money than God
or at least beyond

what most people see
in a life and a half,

a pile so tall
it would dwarf a giraffe.

The bully now has power
–or believes that he does–

and that is often enough
to rule others because

the money makes some people
dance to his tune,

though he’s still just a bully
and a gold-plated buffoon.

The wand isn’t real
or at least not so you can see.

It’s power given to him
by you and by me.

Take it away and he’s just
a schoolyard thug,

a big angry tyrant
In need of a hug.

Some people still dance for him–
they haven’t figured him out.

But you dear are smarter,
so stand back and shout,

“He’s a bully and a fraud,
just a rich lonely beggar.

He’s a punk without
his immeasurable treasure.”

If others don’t listen,
well they’ll get it in time.

Meanwhile, go live your life!
You’re a huge part of mine


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