Untitled by Unknown

beautiful things happen

in the dark

when the sun goes

to sleep

when the stars give

light kisses

when the moon

is a spotlight

life stays beautiful

even when you

are covered

in darkness


Note: Please comment if you know the title and/or poet of this poem.

Naham Janami by Unknown

There are no celestial beings I know of, there is no God.
Neither heaven nor hell.
Neither a preserver, nor an owner of this universe.
Neither a creator nor a destroyer.
No eternal judge.
There is only the law of causality.
I take responsibilities for my actions and their consequences.
The smallest of creatures have a life-force just like mine.
May I always have such compassion.
May I never cause any harm to anybody.
The truth is multi-faceted, and there are many ways to reach it.
May I find balance in this duality.
I pray, may my karma of ignorance be shed.
May my true self be liberated from the cycle of life and death.
And attain moksha.

Note: This is originally a verse of now extinct Charvaka traditions and the poet is unknown. But it survives in the Gujarati (language) oral traditions. Translated from Gujarati into Prakrit by either Anand Gandhi or Chandrasen. Then translated into English, possibly by Gandhi himself.  Following is the Prakrit version.

नाहं जाणामि कंपि देवं न दईवं, णत्थि इसरो णियन्ता।
णत्थि सग्गभूमि ण णिरयं।
णो जगकत्ता णो विकत्ताय ण य जगईसरो कोवि।
ण रक्खओ ण भक्खओ।
ण य कालाईओ आदित्ठो दन्दनाईओ।
कम्मुणो चेव दण्डं।
हं सयमेव सट्ठा भोत्ता य मे सुहदुह – पियाप्पिअसंजोगाण।
अप्पसरियो जीवो सव्वाण सुहुमतिसुहुमेसु।
नत्थु कोवि कयापि दुहिओ मया।
सया मे इइ संवेअणा।
सच्चस्स मग्गा बहवे, सच्चो य एगरुबो णवरं।
समया मे मणो दुव्विहअवस्थासु।
मम पत्थणा -निज्जरउ अन्नाणकंमं।
शुद्धसासयरुवो हं इइ अत्थु मे सद्दंसणंअन्ते- ण य भवउ चवियं
मे पयं मोक्खमग्गओ ।

Untitled by Unknown

And still,

after all this time,

the Sun has never said to the Earth,

“You owe me.”

Look what happens with love like that.

It lights up the sky.

Note: The poet for this poem is controversial. It was first published in the book “The Gift: Poems by Hafiz” by Daniel Ladinsky. Ladinsky does not read or write Farsi (Persian) but claims he translated Hafiz’s poems from another english translation. Some people believe these poems are actually written by Ladinsky, and have nothing to do with Hafiz. Some believe they are written by him, and inspired by Hafiz but are not written by Hafiz originally.

Holika Dahan by Unknown

Year after year
purity of fire
is challenged by evil,
appeased with offerings

A full moon looks on
as winds stoke embers,
flare flames
to a flickering dance

Right in the center
of crimson blaze
sits Holika,
Prahlad in her lap –
her arms a circle of heat

White sparks fly from her hair,
eyes smolder in fury;
her mouth sucks in air,
engulfs rice and wheat

Wood chars,
coconuts splinter,
flowers singe
smearing earth with ash.

Year after year
faith survives.
Holika burns to death.

“Hymn of Creation” (Rig Veda) by Unknown

1.nAsadAsIn no sadAsIt tadAnIM nAsId rajo no vyomAparo yat |\
kimAvarIvaH kuha kasya sharmannambhaH kimAsId gahanaM gabhIram ||\

2.na mRtyurAsIdamRtaM na tarhi na rAtryA ahna AsItpraketaH |\
AnIdavAtaM svadhayA tadekaM tasmAddhAnyan na paraH kiM canAsa ||\

3.tama AsIt tamasA gULamagre.apraketaM salilaM sarvamAidam |\
tuchyenAbhvapihitaM yadAsIt tapasastanmahinAjAyataikam ||\

4.kAmastadagre samavartatAdhi manaso retaH prathamaM yadAsIt |\
sato bandhumasati niravindan hRdi pratISyAkavayo manISA ||\

5.tirashcIno vitato rashmireSAmadhaH svidAsI.a.a.at |\
retodhAAsan mahimAna Asan svadhA avastAt prayatiH parastAt ||\

6.ko addhA veda ka iha pra vocat kuta AjAtA kuta iyaMvisRSTiH |\
arvAg devA asya visarjanenAthA ko veda yataAbabhUva ||\

7.iyaM visRSTiryata AbabhUva yadi vA dadhe yadi vA na |\
yo asyAdhyakSaH parame vyoman so aN^ga veda yadi vA naveda ||\

Note:  If you know who did this particular translation, please leave a comment. Thanks.

Then nothingness was not, nor existence then,
Nor air nor depths nor heavens beyond their ken
What covered it? Where was it? In whose Keeping ?
In unfathomed folds, was it cosmic water seeping ?
Then there was no life, no birth nor death,
Neither night nor day nor wind nor breath,
At last One sighed ” a self sustained Mother,
There was that One then, and none other,
Then there was darkness wrapped in darkness;
Was this unlit water, unseen, dry, wetless ?
That one which came to be, enclosed in naught,
Arose, who knows, how, from the power of what !
“But after all who knows and who can say
Who, how, why, whence began creation’s day ?

“Gods came after creation did they not ?
So who knows truly, whence it was wrought!_.
“Does that first Mother Herself know, now?
Did She create or was Herself created somehow;
She, who surveys form the heavens, above us all,
She knows ” or maybe She knows not at all.

“Did She Herself create the one god !
And gladly gave Him the Creator’s rod !
But so re- fashioned Time and Space
That He was more, and She was less ?
“Did She turn future into past ?
So He came first and She was last!
“But surely, She told Him all, all!
Then how could He not know at all?
“Or perhaps He knows it not, and cannot tell
Oh! He knows, He knows, but will not tell…

Sister Don’t Cry by Unknown

Note: These lyrics/poem are sung by Collective Soul, but if you know the author, please leave a note.

Overseas through the air
Touched your heart down with care
All the thoughts left behind
Soon will catch you in time
Well, if I could, you know I would
Let salvation reign on you
So, won’t you push away
All this pain that you’ve been through

Yeah, Sister don’t cry
Sister don’t cry no more
Sister don’t cry anymore

While the scenes shuffle ’round
Let your world anchor down
Pull your heart from your sleeve
First react then believe
You won’t always get thunder
To warn you of storms ahead
So bury all this pain
And get on with your life again

Conquer some serenity
Lay yourself in field of poetry
Close you eyes to all you see
Lay your weary head here with me

Untitled by Unknown

Note: If you know the origins and author of this poem, please leave a comment.

And as I gently toss and turn your words inside my head,
I see a thousand shades of hue.
A silken thread of thought, moving straight ahead, swoons around
and splits into two.
The enmeshed twigs of a magnolia,
your fingers intertwined in mine.
Two rivulets swirling together,
in an ocean of endless time.

Yeh Hai Meri Kahani by Unknown

Note: This song is sung by Strings & John Abraham. If you know the lyricist/poet, please leave a comment. I believe it is Anwar Maqsood, if you know otherwise, please let me know.

yeh hai meri kahani
khamosh zindagani
sannata keh raha hai
kyun zulm seh raha hai

ek dastaan purani
tanhayi ki zubani
her zakham khil raha hai
kuch mujh se keh raha hai

chubtay kantay yadoon ke daaman say chunta hoon
girti deewaron ke aanchal mai zinda hoon

bass yeh meri kahani
benishaan nishaani
ek darr beh raha hai
kuch mujh se keh raha hai

bajay pyaar ki shabnum mere gulistaan mein
baraste rehte hain har simt maut ke saye
siyahiyon se ulajh padti hain meri aankhein
koi nahi .. koi bhi nahi jo batlaye
main kitni der ujalon ki raah dekhoon gaa
koi nahi hai koi bhi nahi
na pass na durr

ek pyaar hai
dil ki dharkan
apni chahat ka jo ellan kiye jaati hai
zindagi hai jo jiye jaati hai
khoon k ghoont peay jaati hai
khwaab kaanton se siye jaati hai

ab na koi paas hai
phir bhi ehsaas hai
siyahiyon mai uljhi padi
jeene ki ek aas hai

yadoon ka jungle yeh dil
kaanton se jal thal yeh dil

chubtay kantay yadoon ke daaman say chunta hoon
girti deewaron ke aanchal mai zinda hoon

English Translation by Ayesha Khanna:

this is my story
my voiceless existence
where even silence questions
why I bear such injustice

an ancient tale
hearsay of solitude
where each wound blossoms
to whisper softly to me

where I pick the thorns of my memories
and live behind the veil of falling walls

this, this is my story
my unremarkable mark
where fear trickles down
to whisper softly to me

the dew of love glistens
yet death haunts every corner
eyes weary of inky shadows
but no one … no one to tell
how long till light appears
no one … there is no one
not near, not far

this is love
this heartbeat
that keeps announcing its presence
life is validated by living
that continues persevering
dreams are woven by dreaming

and still i sense
entangled in darkness
an inchoate desire to live

jungle of reminiscences, this heart
strewn with thistles, this heart

where I pick the thorns of my memories
and live behind the veil of falling walls